I Hate Mother’s Day!

//I Hate Mother’s Day!

I Hate Mother’s Day!

I Hate Mother’s Day!

I hate Mother’s Day, but it’s not because I don’t have a great mother; I do! In fact my life has been filled with a number of wonderful, giving, nurturing, godly women. Starting with my mom, Marion Jo Gafford, who is 83 and has been the standard by which I measure all women. She was the glue that held our family together. She was my first Christian mentor.

Next, her Mom, Roxie Ann McGough, was an example of generosity. She worked menial jobs, when she did not have to work, just so she could buy all her grand-children Christmas presents. I also must mention all those great holiday dinners she prepared.

My paternal grandmother, Rubye Johns Gafford, was a spiritual mentor for me throughout my life and my biggest cheerleader, when I was called to preach. She still influences my thinking.

My mother-in-law, Betty Hester, is probably the best mother-inlaw a man could have. She has been lavishly generous with my family and children and has masterfully walked that tightrope between providing assistance without interfering.

Finally, my wife, Tina Marie Gafford, has been an awesome mother to our children. She has been a loving, devoted, generous, Christian mom both when we were all together as a family and
even now as they have begun their own lives.

It is also not that I’m too cheap to honor my Mom. I take seriously the biblical mandate to care for one’s parents. I care for my mom the best I can, long distance, and arrange other hands-on resources to take care of the needs I cannot. I delight in the opportunity to send her roses and provide gifts whenever possible.

Why do I hate Mother’s Day? I guess hate is a strong word. It is not so much that I hate Mother’s Day as it causes me a lot of discomfort. There are things that I hate about Mother’s Day.

  1. I hate that Mother’s Day is not always a happy holiday for many. Some may not have had a happy childhood or an ideal mother. Others may be grieving the loss of their mother. Others may be dealing with the heartache of infertility or other things that have kept them from the joy of motherhood. Still others, may be grieving over children that have passed or children that have left God and are lost.
  2. I hate the commercialism of Mother’s Day as a manufactured holiday. Sure it’s great to have a memory jog to do what we should be doing throughout the year, but this is a cash cow for florists and card makers alike. This sets up high expectations for mothers who are often disappointed by thoughtless children.
  3. I hate trying to come up with appropriate Mother’s Day messages. I am sensitive to the fact that God should be the center of our worship and messages should be God-centered at their core. There are only so many biblical texts that can accomplish the tasks of honoring mothers without diminishing our focus on God. It can be done, mind you, but it often challenges my creativity and biblical integrity.

I’ll say more in my lesson

— Joey

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