Lessons On Fatherhood From The Life Of David

//Lessons On Fatherhood From The Life Of David

Lessons On Fatherhood From The Life Of David


  • David was a Great King, but a Lousy Father.
  • Six Lessons on Fatherhood from the Life of David.

I. Fathers Must be Willing to Set an Example for their Children

II. Fathers Must be Willing to Discipline their Children when they Sin

III. Fathers Must Forgive and Seek Restoration with their Children

IV. Fathers Must Acknowledge that their Kids Do Wrong

V. Fathers Must Restrain the Sinful Heart in their Children

  • David Did Not Restrain or Question His Sons – (1 Kings 1:6).

VI. Fathers Must Teach their Children what is Important in Life

  • David Gave a Last Charge to His Son – (1 Kings 2:2).


  • As Fathers we Must Examine Ourselves.
  • We Need to Learn from the Mistakes of David.
  • We Need to Lead our Children to Christ.

David was a great king, but a lousy father. He was indulgent, permissive, and set a horrible example in his own personal life.

Sunday morning, we will be examining six lessons on fatherhood from the life of David – five to avoid and one to imitate. We, fathers, need to examine our own lives and learn from his mistakes. Ultimately, we want to lead our families to Christ and teach them what it means to follow him.

I Hope You Will Join Us! Joey

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