Prepare Him Room

//Prepare Him Room

Prepare Him Room

Advent is a time to consider how the coming of our Savior will change your life. The most important BIRTHDAY in the history of humanity is the birthday of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The key to experiencing the overflowing, exuberant joy of Christmas depends on the time, energy, and effort that we expend in preparing for this day.

As we prepare for Christmas, we are wise to create room for the greatest gift of Christmas to be delivered. We are wise to make sure we don’t say, “Jesus, I don’t have room for you.” Because, if we fill our mind, our actions and our hearts with other things, we will have a big sign on our hearts that shines “no vacancy.”

This means, we have to slow down, and clear out some internal junk to make room for Jesus. We must open the doors of our soul and say, “Yes, Lord, we have room.” We must look him in the eyes and say, “Let us roll out the red carpet – the VIP treatment – for you Lord!” We must say, “You are the preferred guest in my heart.”

Making room for Jesus means we:

– Pray and ask Jesus to make himself apparent in our hearts.

– Acknowledge to God that we are prone to stray.

– Keep our eyes focused on the word of the Lord.

– Meditate on the story of Christmas and the gift called Jesus

– Repent of any idols we are putting before the Lord.

– Let go of worries, anxieties and busyness to find Christ.

– Find joy in the grace and glory that Christ brings.

Prepare your heart. Make room for the King. He is coming.

(Part of this article is from Kelly Balarie “A Cheerleader of Faith”)

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