Doing Change God’s Way (Part 3)

//Doing Change God’s Way (Part 3)

Doing Change God’s Way (Part 3)

Holistic Change


  • Resolutions Require Change, but it is Hard to Change.
  • Doing Change God’s Way
  • Last week we discussed the four stages of repentance; today we will discuss holistic change.

I.  We are More than “Ghosts in a Shell.”

  • Plato thought of the Soul as Imprisoned in the Body.
  • Descartes thought the Soul was what Distinguishes Humans.
  • Negative Implications of Body/Soul Dualism:
    • Confusion of Soul/Body with Good/Evil.
    • Confusion of Life after Death with Life after Life after Death.
    • Confusion of the True Nature of Salvation.
    • De-emphasis of the Body.
    • De-emphasis of the Resurrected Body.
    • De-emphasis of Christian Virtue.
    • De-emphasis of Christian Mission.

II.  We are Fully Integrated Beings.

  • Soul, Spirit, Body, Heart, etc. Integrated into a Holistic Being.
  • We Cannot Separate a Specific Part that is “Me.”

III.  We Need to See Change as a Holistic Process.

  • Jesus as our Guide…
  • Jesus grew    Intellectually    Physically     Spiritually     Socially
  • Love God with all Your    Heart    Soul     Mind     Strength


  • Applications
  • Change is not Simple.
  • Change Involves the Whole Person in Every Dimension.
  • Include Multiple Aspects of Yourself in Every Change.
  • Are You Doing Change God’s Way?

The current lesson series is intended to help us make necessary changes in our lives. I have planned these messages to coincide with our New Year’s resolutions.  You may have given up on resolutions, but that’s my point.  Change is difficult, but God has provided in his word a path to real change and the Scripture is full of practical principles.  The series is entitled, Doing Change God’s Way.

Sunday, my lesson will involve how we can pursue Holistic Change. We have been incorrectly taught a soul/body dualism that confuses the nature of our existence. We often see issues as either physical or spiritual and approach their resolution in the same way.  However, we are holistic beings – body, mind, soul, spirit, etc. and each aspect of our being affects the whole.  There are spiritual aspects of physical change and physical aspects of spiritual change.  I’ll say more on Sunday.

I hope you will join us!  Joey

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