Doing Change God’s Way (Part 9)

//Doing Change God’s Way (Part 9)

Doing Change God’s Way (Part 9)

A Lifetime of Character


  • Resolutions Require Change, but it is Hard to Change.
  • Doing Change God’s Way
  • In the previous lesson we began to make specific applications of these principles. Today, we will conclude this series.

I.   Application: Time with God
(Colossians 3:1-4; Mark 1:35; Luke 6:12; Daniel 6:10; Acts 1:14; Acts 3:1)

  • Analyze: Why Do we NOT have Regular, Scheduled Prayer?
    • We Don’t Realize the Importance.
    • We are too Busy.
    • We Lack Discipline (Will Power).
    • We Have Not Created the Habit.
    • We Don’t Know What to Do.
  • Plan: We Must Create a System or Process
    • Intellectual – Do Some Research.
    • Physical – Is there a Physical Issue?
    • Spiritual – Is there a Spiritual Issue?
    • Social – Where can I Get Support?
  • Implement: Work the Plan
    • Begin Small (Micro-Habits).
    • Practice the Habit (21 Days).
    • Evaluate Your Progress.
    • Make Changes as Necessary.
    • Increase time, depth, and Intensity once the habit has taken hold.

II.  Application: Christian Virtues to Make Habitual
(Galatians 5:22-23; 2 Peter 1:5-9)


  • Transforming Change (Ro 12:1-2)
  • What You Do Every Day Will Change Your Life.
  • Are You Doing Change God’s Way?

Sunday, we bring to a close our series on Doing Change God’s Way with a final message on A Lifetime of Character.

In our series, we have discussed six principles necessary for Doing Change God’s Way: (1) God is Pro-Change!  In fact he demands, enables, and welcomes change. (2) Change requires involving many areas in our lives, including – intellectual, physical, spiritual, and social dimensions. (3) Setting goals is not sufficient; we must have a system or process for achieving those goals and work it every day! (4) We need to set priorities in our lives and within the areas we wish to change and learn to distinguish between the urgent, important, and the unimportant. (5) Willpower is a must, but we must use willpower effectively. Willpower is like a muscle that can grow stronger, but also fatigue. (6) The secret to maximizing your willpower is by using it to create and modify habits.

In this message we will apply these principles to spending time with God and virtues that will lead to a lifetime of character.

I hope you will join us!  Joey

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