Outreach 2022 (Part 4)

//Outreach 2022 (Part 4)

Outreach 2022 (Part 4)

Nudge Evangelism

Matthew 13:3-8; 1 Corinthians 3:6


  • Outreach 2022: How the Boise Church Can Reach Out in 2022
    • Making Disciples (Going, Baptizing, Teaching)
    • Restoring the Erring
    • Seeking the Lost (Attractional, Missional, Relational)
  • Nudge Evangelism is a Primarily Pre-Evangelism & Relational.

I.   What is Nudge Evangelism?

  • To nudge someone is to prod someone gently in order to draw their attention to something.
  • Nudge Evangelism is prodding people to pay attention to the mission of God in their lives and to the necessity of responding.
  • Two Farming Metaphors from Scripture

II.  Nudge Evangelism Assumptions

  • Jesus is Alive and Active in Our World.
  • Followers of Jesus Know Jesus Well Enough to Recognize Where He is Active.
  • Evangelists Nudge Others to Wake Up to the Activity of Jesus in their Lives through Many Small Nudges (Small Saves) that Have a Cumulative Effect.


  • Everyone you Meet is a Potential Nudge, if you pay attention.
    • Every Brush is a Bush.
    • Every Worst is a Juncture for
    • Ever Best is
    • Every Noticer Needs a Nudge.
  • How is Jesus Alive and Active in Your Life?

Making disciples involves preparing the soil, planting the seed, and nurturing to maturity. Seeking the lost would fall more into the preparing the soil category. Last week we discussed three strategies for seeking the lost – attractional (come and see), missional (go and serve), and relational (stay and play) and how we as individuals can participate. Understand, in this series I want to emphasize that outreach can take many different forms and that we all can play a part in making disciples.

This week I want to discuss another “preparing the soil” approach – Nudge Evangelism. This phrase was coined by Leonard Sweet in his book, Nudge: Awakening Each Other to the God who is Already There.  Check the library. Jackie is trying to get us this resource.

God is already active in the lives of those around us.  Nudge Evangelism seeks to gently prod others to see his activity and respond.  A series of small nudges over time to those we encounter in life can eventually lead them to the Lord.  I’ll say more in my lesson.

I hope you will join us!  Joey

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