The Fruit Of The Spirit – Gentleness

//The Fruit Of The Spirit – Gentleness

The Fruit Of The Spirit – Gentleness

Gentleness (Prautēs)


  • Today we will Discuss Gentleness.
  • Definitions
    • KJV translates it as “meekness;” NIV, “gentleness.” “Meekness” in modern thought is not an admirable quality; it suggests spinelessness and lack of strength. “Gentleness” is better, but not perfect. No one word is adequate.
    • Greek – Prautēs
      • Used of Persons & Things with a Soothing Quality.
      • Used of Gentleness of Character (esp. in Powerful People).
      • Used of Discussing Things without Losing One’s Temper.
      • Used of Taking an Unpleasant Situation Gracefully.
      • Used of Wild Animals which have been Tamed.
      • Used of Strength and Graciousness Perfectly Combined.

I.     Prautēs is Favored by God (Ps 147:6; 149:4; 37:11).

II.    Prautēs is Paired with Other Virtues.

III.   Prautēs is Contrasted..


  • Prautēs is the Spirit in Which to Learn (Ja 1:21).
  • Prautēs is the Spirit in Which Correction is to be Made (Ga 6:1).
  • Prautēs is the Spirit in Which Opposition Must be Met (2 Ti 2:25).
  • Prautēs is the Spirit of Christian Witness (1 Pe 3:15).
  • Prautēs is the Spirit which Should Pervade the Whole of the Christian Life (Ja 3:13; 1 Pe 3:4).

I once served with an elder who was one of the most demanding, micromanaging, perfectionists you would ever meet. I’m sure you have had bosses or have known people like that. This brother would have been impossible to work with, except for one characteristic – his gentleness.  He was as graceful and forgiving as he was demanding. This is one of the classical descriptions of prautēs, gentleness – “strength under control.”

2 Timothy 2:25  Those who oppose him he must gently instruct, in the hope that God will grant them repentance leading them to a knowledge of the truth.

Here Paul speaks of opposition an evangelist may encounter in his ministry.  It is from a position of strength, not weakness, that he must gently instruct. It is also the spirit in which we study, correct one-another, witness to a hostile world, and in general, maintain our relationships with others.

As with all of the virtues found in Galatians 5:22-23, gentleness is a fruit produced in us by the Holy Spirit. However, we must keep in step with the Spirit.  Are you gentle?

Have a Great Week!  Joey

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