The Fruit Of The Spirit – Love

//The Fruit Of The Spirit – Love

The Fruit Of The Spirit – Love

            Love (Agape)

A.  Our New Series is Based on Galatians 5:13-26.
B.  Today we will Discuss Love (5:22-26).
I.  Love Defined (The Greeks Had a Word for It):
A.  Eros – Sexual Love (Strawberry Shortcake)
B.  Philia – Friendship Love (Bowling Buddy)
C.  Storge – Family Love (Aunt Mabel)
D.  Agape – Unselfish Love (Self-Sacrificing)
II.  Love (Agape) Demonstrated – God
A.  A Completely Undeserved Love (Ro 5:8)
B.  A Productive and Transforming Love (Ro 5:3-8)
C.  An Inseparable Love (Ro 8:35-39)
D.  A Great Love (Ep 2:4-7)
III.  Love (Agape) Demonstrated – Jesus
A.  A Love that Surpasses Knowledge (Ep 3:19)
B.  The Pattern for Christians (Ep 5:2; 1 Jo 3:16)
C.  The Controlling Dynamic of Christians (2 Co 5:14)
IV.  Love (Agape) Commanded for Christians
A.  The Atmosphere of the Christian Life (Ep 5:1; Co 3:14)
B.  The Universal Motive of the Christian Life (1 Co 16:14)
A.  The Spirit Produces the Fruit of Love but we Must Cooperate.
B.  The Spirit Produces the Fruit of Love in our Relationships.
1.  Saints (Ep 1:15; Ro 12:9-10) / Leaders (1 Th 5:12-13)
2.  All Men (1 Th 3:12; Ga 6:10)
3.  Enemies (Mt 5:44)
C.  The Spirit Produces the Fruit of Love in Action.
1.  Practical Generosity (2 Co 8:8, 24; 1 Jo 3:17-18)
2.  Forgiveness (2 Co 2:7-8)


Those who allow the Holy Spirit to lead them in their Christian walk will exhibit certain behaviors. Paul calls these behaviors The Fruit of the Spirit. As I mentioned in last week’s lesson these characteristics are not so much things we “do” as they are traits that are produced in us as the Spirit transforms us into the image of Christ.  This is not to say we have no part in the transformation (see Romans 12:1-2); we must cooperate with the Spirit’s work.  This is what is meant by “walking in the Spirit” or being “led by the Spirit.

This week we will be studying love (agape). This is the self-sacrificing, active good will that is demonstrated in God’s benevolent faithfulness to humankind and Jesus’ self-sacrificing death on our behalf.  Love is the crowing virtue of the Christian life in that is surpasses all other forms of piety.  It is the universal motive of everything we do. It is expressed to friends and enemies alike.  A love like this does not come naturally for human beings due to our sinful nature (flesh); that is why it has to be created in us by God.  I’ll say more in the lesson.

Be sure to print out your bulletin or pick up a copy in the foyer so you can complete the fill-in-the-blank outline. We provide a completed outline in our weekly blog.
Links to the life group lesson for the week of 9/19/2021 can be found here.

Have a Great Week!  Joey

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