The Fruit Of The Spirit – The Works Of The Flesh

//The Fruit Of The Spirit – The Works Of The Flesh

The Fruit Of The Spirit – The Works Of The Flesh


A.  Our New Series is Based on Galatians 5:13-26.
 B.  Today we will Discuss the Works of the Flesh (5:19-21).

I.  Works/Deeds vs. Fruit (5:19, 22)

Works/Deeds are Produced by Us; Fruit is Produced in Us.

II.  Corrupted Sexuality

A.  Porneia – Sexual Immorality (All Forms)
B.  Akatharsia – Impurity (Defilement of the Personality)
C.  Aselgeia – Debauchery (Shameless Behavior)

III.  Corrupted Religion

A.  Eidololatreia – Idolatry (Usurping God’s Place)
B.  Pharmakeia – Witchcraft (Use of Drugs to Poison, Curse, or Kill)

IV.  Corrupted Relationships

A.  Echthrai – Hatred (Class, Racial, Interpersonal Enmity)
B.  Eris – Discord (The Disruption of Life that Comes from Hatred)
C.  Zelos – Jealousy (Admiration turned to Ambition)
D.  Thumos – Fits of Rage (Anger, Angry Outbursts)
 E.  Eritheia – Selfish Ambition (Self-promotion)
F.  Dichostasia – Dissensions (Divisions)
G.  Hairesis – Factions (Divisions into Cliques, Parties)
H.  Phthonos – Envy (Bitter Envy, Hatred, Resentment)

V.  Corrupted Blessings (Food & Drink)

A.  Methe – Drunkeness (Uncontrolled Drinking)
B.  Komos – Orgies (Gluttonous or Drunken Parties)


A.  Sin + Human Nature Corrupts all God Intended for Good.
B.  The Indwelling Spirit is our Only Recourse in this Struggle.
C.  Those Who Live Like this Will NOT Enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

We have just begun a sermon series entitled, The Fruit of the Spirit.  These lessons are based on Galatians 5:13-26.  I will be providing fill-in-the-blank outlines for these lessons each week in the bulletin.  I encourage you to print out a copy of the bulletin before you come to services or pick one up in the foyer when you arrive.

These messages will also provide the basis of our Life Group lessons for many of our small groups.  We are emphasizing group building and life application in these lessons. I will have lesson sheets available for group leaders each Sunday.  Also Dropbox links  to these Life Group lessons can be found here.

Have a Great Week!  Joey

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