The Fruit Of The Spirit – Spirit vs. Flesh

//The Fruit Of The Spirit – Spirit vs. Flesh

The Fruit Of The Spirit – Spirit vs. Flesh


A.  Our New Series is Based on Galatians 5:13-26.
B.  Today we will Discuss the Conflict between Flesh and Spirit (5:16-18).

I.  What is Flesh?

A.  The Flesh is NOT the Physical Body or its Passions/Desires.
B.  The Flesh is The Opposite of Being Christian (Ro 8:9).
C.  The Flesh is an Enemy of God (Ro 8:7-8).
D.  The Flesh is Human Nature as it has Become through Sin; the Old Man/Nature, Humanity 1.0 (5:24; 6:8, 15; Co 3:9-10).
E.  The Flesh refers to Humankind in Sin apart from the Grace of God and the Power of the Spirit.

II.  What is Spirit?

A.  The Holy Spirit of God, NOT the Human Spirit.
B.  The Agent of the New Birth (Jo 3:3-7; 2 Co 5:17).
C.  The Lifegiving Force of God (2 Co 4:17; Ro 8:10-11).
D.  The Transforming Power of God (2 Co 3:18; Ro 12:2).
E.  The Down payment & Guarantee of Our Salvation (Ep 1:13-14).

III.  The Conflict Between Flesh and Spirit

A.  Galatians 5 Context: How do We Control the Flesh?
B.  The Indwelling Spirit Wars Against the Flesh (5:16-19).
C.  The Flesh can be Subdued by the Spirit (5:24).


A.  Christian Freedom from Torah, cannot be used as a Means for Indulging the Flesh.
B.  The Holy Spirit’s Renewing, Lifegiving, Transforming Power Frees us from our Bondage to the Flesh & its Desires.
C.  Walking in the Spirit is a Conscious Choice (Ga 6:8).

New Sermon Series

Sunday, I will begin a new sermon series entitled, The Fruit of the Spirit.  These lessons are based on Galatians 5:13-26.  After two introductory lessons, we will look at the fruit of the Spirit one by one for a total of eleven lessons.

I will be providing fill-in-the-blank outlines for these lessons each week in the bulletin.  Many have found it helpful to complete these outlines as they listen.  I encourage you to print out a copy of the bulletin before you come to services or pick one up in the foyer when you arrive.  You can also print one out at home for viewing via our live stream. I will provide a completed outline, if you miss anything, on our blog page.

These lessons will also provide the discussion material for our Life Groups during this first cycle. I will have lessons available for group leaders each Sunday.  Click HERE for a Drop Box link to this week’s lesson (

Sunday, we will discuss the conflict between Flesh (sinful nature) and Spirit.  This will lay the foundation for what follows!

Have a Great Week!  Joey


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