The Qualifications Of Elders/Shepherds

//The Qualifications Of Elders/Shepherds

The Qualifications Of Elders/Shepherds

The Qualifications of Elders/Shepherds

1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9; 1 Peter 5:1-4


  • A. The Boise Church Needs Strong Leadership to Navigate us Through the Days to Come.
  • B. The First Quarter of Every Year as a time of (Re)-Confirmation of Elders and Deacons
  • C. Messages on the Work and Qualifications
  • D. Today, We will Discuss the Qualifications of Elders.

I. Positive Qualifications:

  • A. “Above Reproach”‑”Blameless
  • B. “Temperate” ‑ (Showing Moderation/Self-Restraint)
  • C. “Self-Controlled” (Sober Minded, Sensible/Prudent)
  • D. “Respectable” (Well-Behaved)
  • E. “Hospitable
  • F. “Gentle” (Not Violent, Yielding/Kind)
  • G. “He Must Manage his own Family Well” (Household)
  • H. “Good Reputation with Outsiders
  • I. “One who Loves What is Good
  • J. “Upright” (Righteous with God. Fair with Others)
  • K. “Holy” (Devout, Pious, Pure in Heart/Life)
  • L. “Disciplined
  • M. “Of a Ready Mind” (Eager to Serve)

II. Negative Qualifications:

  • A. “Not Given to Drunkenness” (Not a Heavy Drinker)
  • B. “Not Violent” (Not Pugnacious/Combative)
  • C. “Not Quarrelsome” (Not Contentious, but Peaceable)
  • D. “Not a Lover of Money” (Not Covetous/Greedy), “Not Pursuing Dishonest Gain”
  • E. “Not Overbearing” (Not Self-Willed/Arrogant)
  • F. “Not Quick-Tempered

III. Special Qualifications:

  • A. “Husband of One Wife” (lit., “A One Woman man;” Faithful to his Wife)
  • B. “A Man Whose Children Believe” (lit., “Having Faithful Children”)
  • C. “Able to Teach;” “They Must Keep Hold of the Deep Truths of the Faith;” “Hold Firmly to the Trustworthy Message so that he can Encourage Others by Sound Doctrine and Refute those who Oppose it.”
  • D. “Not a New Convert” (lit., “A Neophyte;” Novice)

Conclusion (Observations):

  • A. These Men are Appointed, Not Elected.
  • B. This is Not a Popularity Contest; or Referendum on Ideological, or Methodological Views.
  • C. Elders/Shepherds/Bishops are Placed in Leadership by the Holy Spirit. (Acts 20:28; Ephesians 4:11). We are to Submit/Obey (Hebrews 13:17).
  • D. Please Prayerfully Consider and Participate in this Process of Confirmation and Reconfirmation our Leaders.
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