The Work Of Elders/Shepherds

//The Work Of Elders/Shepherds

The Work Of Elders/Shepherds

The Work of Elders/Shepherds

Acts 20:17-31


  1. The Boise Church Needs Strong Leadership to Navigate us Through the Days to Come.
  2. Our Shepherds have Designated the First Quarter of Every Year as a time of Confirmation/Reconfirmation of Elders and Deacons in the Church.
  3. During the Next Four Weeks, I will Share Messages on the Work and Qualifications of these Church Leaders.

I. There are Three Primary Designations for Elders that are Used Interchangeably (Acts 20:17, 28).

  1. Presbuteros Elder (Older, Wiser Man; Judgments)
  2. Poimen Shepherd/Pastor (Metaphorical Usage. One who cares for, provides for, and protects sheep).
  3. Episcopos Overseer/Bishop/Superintendent (One who watches over)

II. Church Ecclesiology/Polity in the New Testament

  1. There was No Ecclesiastical Manual Given at Pentecost.
  2. Apostolic Authority (Acts 2:42; Acts 6:2, “ministry of the word”; Acts 15:1-31, Apostles & Elders now at Jerusalem).
  3. Elders were Appointed to Serve in the Place of Apostles/Missionaries/Evangelists (Acts 14:14, 23; 1 Timothy 2; Titus 1; Ephesians 4:11).
  4. Elders filled the Apostolic Void in Leadership and Teaching.

III. Biblical Responsibilities of Elders/Shepherds

  1. General Oversight of the Local Congregation:
  2. They have the Authority to do Whatever is Necessary to Perform their Function (Hebrews 13:17; cf., 1 Peter 5:3).
    • 1. Set and Enforce Policy.
    • 2. Arbitrate Disputes/Discipline Members.
    • 3. Request Assistance from Members.
    • 4. They May Employ any Outside Help Required.
    • 5. They can Select Definite Helpers, such as Deacons, or other Individuals.
    • 6. They Supervise the Work of the Local Ministers.


  1. We Need Strong Leadership to Take us into a Glorious Future.
  2. Please Prayerfully Consider and Participate in this Process of Confirmation and Reconfirmation our Leaders.

— Here is a memo from our shepherds outlining the current confirmation process:  Memo

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